Shape and Line Design

4 Days (55 minute class)

Michigan Merit Curriculum:

C.3 Understand, recognize, and use the elements,organizational principles, patterns, relationships,techniques, skills, and applications of the visual, performing,or applied arts discipline.

Demonstrate skillful use of appropriate vocabularies,
tools, instruments, and technologies of the visual,performing, or applied arts discipline.

  • Students will create a shape and line design.

  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of the use of pattern, line, overlapping, and shape to create a design.

Vocabulary Words:

Line, overlapping, shape, pattern


Have 12x12” paper cut for each student and stencil paper cut (2 per student).

Materials and Resources:
  • evaluation sheet

  • example of Shape and Line Design

  • colored pencils

  • tag board or poster board for stencils (about 3x4” for each stencil)

  • black Sharpie marker (thin)

  • 12x12” white paper

  • scissors

  • pencil

  • Teacher will show example of the project.

  • Teacher will demonstrate how make the stencils.

  • Go over evaluation sheet and expectations.

  • Discuss different types of lines.


Day 1:

  • Go over evaluation sheet and expectations.

  • Teacher will show examples of the project.

  • Students will draw and cut out 2 stencils.

  • Students will begin to trace their stencil shapes, overlapping them and filling up the entire paper.

Day 2:

  • Students will finish tracing their shapes using their stencils.

  • Students will begin drawing detailed line patterns inside their shapes.

Day 3:
  • Students will finish drawing detailed line patterns inside their shapes and begin to color
    their shapes, and new spaces created by overlapping, with colored pencil.

Day 4:
  • Students will finish coloring and then outline all the lines in their artwork with Sharpie marker.