Perspective Cities Lesson
4 Days (90 minute class)

Michigan Merit Curriculum:

C.4 Use the best available and appropriate instruments,
resources, tools, and technologies to facilitate critical
decision-making, problem solving, editing, and the creation
of solutions.

P.2 Demonstrate skillful use of appropriate vocabularies,
tools, instruments, and technologies of the visual,
performing, or applied arts discipline.

  • Using one point perspective, students will correctly draw a cityscape.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of perspective and correct use of colored pencils, showing a variety of values.

Vocabulary Words:

perspective, horizon line, vanishing point, orthogonal, value


Prior to this assignment students should have completed one-point perspective bedrooms.

Materials and Resources:
  • evaluation sheet
  • example of one-point perspective city
  • colored pencils
  • 12x18” white paper
  • pencil
  • rulers

  • Teacher will show example of the project.
  • Go over evaluation sheet and expectations.

Day 1:
  • Go over evaluation sheet and expectations.
  • Teacher will show examples of the project.
  • Students will begin drawing their perspective cities, beginning with the horizon line and vanishing point. They will then add the main road, sidewalks, and finally begin drawing buildings.
Day 2:
  • Students will continue to draw their cities, adding details such as doors, windows, cars, street signs, etc.
Day 3:
  • Students will finish drawing their cities and begin coloring with colored pencils, trying to show a variety of values.
Day 4:
  • Students will finish coloring their cities and turn in (the more detail, the better the grade!).