Illustrated Word Lesson

4 Days (90 minute class)

Michigan Merit Curriculum:

C.1 Engage in full iterative cycles of the artistic/creative
process by problem seeking, exploring, making analytical,
application, aesthetic, and design choices, before completion.

C.4 Use the best available and appropriate instruments,
resources, tools, and technologies to facilitate critical
decision-making, problem solving, editing, and the creation
of solutions.

P.4 Perform, present, exhibit, publish, or demonstrate the
results of the artistic/creative process for an audience.

  • Students will create an illustrated word artwork.
  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of coloring with colored pencils.
  • Students will display their artwork in the hallways.

Vocabulary Words:


Have examples of illustrated words out. Make enough copies of illustrated word brainstorming worksheets for each student to have.

Materials and Resources:
  • evaluation sheet
  • example of artwork
  • colored pencils
  • 12x18” white paper
  • pencil
  • rough draft paper
  • brainstorming worksheets
  • light boxes
  • Sharpie marker

  • Teacher will show example of the project.
  • Go over evaluation sheet and expectations.
  • Students will complete the brainstorming worksheet to decide on a work that they can illustrate.


Day 1:
  • Go over evaluation sheet and expectations.
  • Teacher will show examples of the project.
  • Students will choose one word to illustrate (must be 4 letters or longer) by completing the brainstorming worksheet.
  • Students will draw a rough draft of their word including a background.

Day 2:
  • Students will trace their rough draft drawing in marker so that they trace their illustrated work in pencil onto the final paper.
  • Students will begin coloring their illustrated words in colored pencil (students need to blend their colored pencils, and show a variety of values).

Day 3:
  • Students will continue to color their illustrated words.

Day 4:
  • Students will finish their illustrated words and turn the project in (the more detail, the better the grade!).

lesson adapted from Wendy Free – off of the website