Elements/Principles Poster Lesson
4 Days (90 minute class)

Michigan Merit Curriculum:
C.3 Understand, recognize, and use the elements,
organizational principles, patterns, relationships,
techniques, skills, and applications of the visual, performing,
or applied arts discipline.

C.4 Use the best available and appropriate instruments,
resources, tools, and technologies to facilitate critical
decision-making, problem solving, editing, and the creation
of solutions.

P.4 Perform, present, exhibit, publish, or demonstrate the
results of the artistic/creative process for an audience.

  • Students will create a poster about one of the Elements or Principles of Art.
  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the Elements and Principles Art.

Vocabulary Words:
Elements of Art: shape, form, value, space, texture, line, and color; Principles of Art: pattern, contrast, emphasis, unity, rhythm, balance, movement

Elements and Principles posters should be displayed in the room. Copies of the definitions and “sub definitions” of each Element and Principle made.

Materials and Resources:
  • evaluation sheet
  • example of the poster
  • colored pencils, markers, paint, scrap construction paper, etc.
  • 12x18” construction paper (assorted colors)
  • pencil
  • Elements and Principles posters
  • definition worksheets

  • Teacher will show example of the project.
  • Go over evaluation sheet and expectations.
  • Students will choose on Element or Principle for their poster (try to have all the Elements and Principles covered).

Day 1:
  • Go over evaluation sheet and expectations.
  • Teacher will show examples of the project.
  • Students will choose one Element or Principle.
  • Students write down the main definition of their Principle or Element and then write down 6 “sub-definitions” of their Element or Principle.
  • Students will begin collecting pictures or begin drawing examples to coordinate with each definition. (Students must have a total of 7 definitions on their poster and 6 pictures (examples) of the definitions – 3 need to be cut out of magazines and 3 drawn by the student).

Day 2:
  • Students will continue to find/make examples for their poster.
  • Students begin assembling their poster.

Day 3:
  • Students will continue designing their poster.

Day 4:
  • Students will finish designing their poster (the more detail, the better the grade!).


lesson adapted from Joe Cox – off of the website www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/Files/elements.htm