Evaluation Sheet for the

Watercolor Landscape

(10 points each)

  1. You first found a photograph of a landscape, either a picture in a magazine or a photograph of your own (no artwork of another person's landscape are allowed to be used as a reference). Your picture you chose had land with trees, hills, mountains, sky, rivers, valleys, some or few buildings, and/ or bridges, etc. in it.

  2. After you chose your picture, you used a pencil to sketch your landscape out on a scrap piece of paper (using the photograph as a reference). When you were satisfied with the size, scale, and proportion of your drawing, you then drew your landscape, lightly, onto the watercolor paper.

  3. You painted your landscape using the watercolor paints properly, mixing your colors to create a large variety of hues and values. You painted the landscape “lightly” at first having more water on your brush then paint, then if need you added more fine detail with a “dry” brush (having less water and more paint on the brush). You were thoughtful and took your time and care while painting.

  4. After you were satisfied with your painting, you chose one object, something that preferably related to your picture, and drew that object 3 different times (small, medium, and large) on a separate piece of paper. You then neatly colored or painted it and then glued the appropriate size object to the corresponding area in the landscape (foreground, middle ground, and background).

   5.  The time and effort you put into my artwork, and the overall look and
         appearance of your artwork.