Evaluation Sheet for the
Georgia O'Keefe Tissue Paper Fish
(10 points each)
  1. You first neatly drew a large fish on rough draft paper using the entire space of paper provided. You then drew seaweed showing overlapping, so your fish and seaweed were interwoven giving your fish the appearance of swimming in between the seaweed. You may have chosen to add sand, seashells, bubbles, etc.

  2. Once you were satisfied with your composition, you drew your picture neatly, in pencil, onto your good final paper (12x18 - horizontal). You then carefully tore pieces of brightly colored tissue paper and glued those pieces to your paper “coloring” the entire paper, leaving no white spaces.

  3. When your artwork was dry and completely “colored” with tissue paper, you used a black marker to outline your fish, seaweed, and any other objects or details.

  4. The overall look and appearance of your artwork and the time and effort you put into your artwork.