Symmetrical Names

(10 points each)


1.     You first folded your 9x9” white paper in ½ to make a rectangle, then in ½ again to make a square, and then you folded the paper one last time corner to corner to make a triangle. You folded neatly and precisely.


2.     You then traced the triangle shape of you folded paper onto a piece of rough draft paper at least twice. You practiced drawing your first name inside the triangle shape using upper-cased, block lettering. Your letter “fit” inside the triangle as demonstrated in class. The tops and bottoms of the letters were not drawn in, the edges of the paper were used for the tops and bottoms of the letters.


3.     Once you were satisfied with the rough draft of your name and lettering, you traced you name onto your final piece of paper in one triangle section with black marker. You then neatly traced your name onto the remaining triangles sections with black marker by folding your paper in different directions, so your name made symmetrical designs.


4.     You neatly colored your name design with crayons. You colored dark, leaving no white space. You also used high contrasting colors next to each other (example: blue next to orange). Once you finished coloring, you carefully glued your design onto a piece of colored 11x11” construction paper to give your art a finished, framed look.



5.     The overall look and appearance of your artwork and the time and effort you put into your art project.