Evaluation Sheet for the
Still Life Drawing
(20 points each)

1.  You and your group members decided upon and set up a still life using the supplies provided for you in the classroom. You must have chose at least 6 different items, looking for a variety of sizes and textures.

2.  A viewfinder was made and a section of the still life was chosen from the view of your assigned seat. You chose your view by looking through the hole in the viewfinder and drawing what you saw through that space.

3.  You first lightly drew the contour lines of the still life on your paper using a #2 pencil. After the contour lines were done, you went back and paid close attention to all the fine details in the objects and drew them accordingly. (for example; the texture lines, creases/folds in the fabric, etc.)

4.  Your drawing was done in a thoughtful manner and you took your time, seeing the different sizes and placements of the objects in your still life. The scale and proportion in your drawing was relative to the scale and proportion in the actual still life. You shaded your drawing using the 10 values on the gray scale. You also drew in the shadows on/around your objects.

5.  Your still life drawing was done neatly and considerately, and you used your time wisely. Your paper was kept clean and neat with no eraser marks showing.