Evaluation Sheet for the


(10 points each)

1. You first chose a shield shape. You drew your shield on your rough draft paper          using the entire space provided. You left room at the top, however, for the crest         and you left space on the sides of your shield for the supporters. You divided up     your shield into at least 3 sections. In each section you drew a symbol or picture         representing you. You then drew the crest on top of the shield (the center of the         crest also had a symbol of a picture representing you). You drew supporters on         both sides of the shield (so that they were symmetrical – usually animals, but didn't     have to be). Below the shield you drew your motto (3 words describing you, put         inside a ribbon form).

2. Once you finalized your design on the rough draft paper, you neatly redrew your         shield artwork onto the large final paper.

3. After you were satisfied with your drawing, you neatly colored your entire shield         artwork, including background, with colored pencil, crayon, marker, or a                     combination of any of the previous three mediums. As you were coloring, you kept     in mind how certain colors were symbolic of certain traits.

4. The overall look and appearance of the artwork and the time and effort you put into     your work.