Evaluation Sheet for the

Rock Creatures

(8 points each)

1.  You first cut MANY strips of newspaper and placed them in a plastic grocery bag. The strips were about 1 in. wide and 12 in. long. You were then placed into partner groups and you and your partner stuffed another plastic grocery bag FULL with crumpled newspaper. After your bag was FULL you tied it closed (this created the body for your rock creature).

2.  You and your partner then decided what occupation or job your rock creature would have. Once that was decided you and your partner used tape, newspaper, toilet paper rolls, and cardboard to create the face, legs, and arms of your rock creature. The rock creature had to have
eyes, a nose, mouth, legs, and feet. The toilet paper rolls created the legs, cardboard was cut out to make feet, and newspaper was formed and taped to make the face.

3.  Once your rock creature was assembled, you and your partner paper mached your rock creature using your strips of newspaper and liquid starch. You worked carefully and neatly during this process, making sure to not use too much or waste the liquid starch. You added several (about 5) layers of paper strips and liquid starch onto your rock creature.

4.  Your rock creature was then spray painted “rock colors” for you. You and your partner then carefully painted the details (such as the face). You painted your rock creature remembering it's occupation. You added symbols, pictures, clothing, etc. representing the rock creature's job.

5.  After your rock creature was completely finished, you and your partner drew a background or environment that coordinated with the rock creature's job. The drawing was done on a large piece of white paper and colored with crayons and/or markers.

6.  You and your partner worked equally together on this project and shared all responsibilities. You and your partner worked quietly and cooperatively. You used your time wisely.