Evaluation Sheet for the

Repeat Pattern Design

(10 points each)

1.  Divided up a 12x12” piece of paper properly with 36 2x2” squares, measuring correctly in order to make sure the lines were very straight.

2.  Draw 8 different and unique practice designs in 2x2” squares (with non-objective shapes and patterns “coming out of “ each corner). One design was chosen and traced 36 times on a 12x12” piece of paper. The pattern was also “flip-flopped” correctly in order to make the design work.

3.  The design was colored with colored pencils, making sure to color dark so not much white paper was showing through. All shapes were colored, no white space left.

4.  You used your time wisely  and completed the project in a timely manner, the overall look and craftsmanship of your artwork.