Evaluation Sheet for the

Rainbow Fish

(8 points each)

1.  You first drew a rough draft of your own Rainbow Fish. You made sure to use a variety of geometric and organic shapes, as well as a variety of lines for the design in your fish.

2.  Once you were satisfied with your rough draft you then took a pop bottle and cut two triangles out of the bottom of the bottle (the bottom of the pop bottle was already cut off and stapled for you). This created your fish tail. You then took a black permanent marker and drew many organic and geometric shapes as well as a variety of lines onto your fish. You made sure the entire space of the pop bottle was filled with your designs.

3.  You then neatly colored your design using rainbow colored permanent markers. You made sure to color the entire pop bottle and left no empty space.

4.  In class we read the book “Rainbow Fish.” After listening to the book, you wrote your own story about your fish. You wrote at least 10 complete sentences. In your story you included: name of your fish, where your fish lived, a conflict/problem, and a resolution and happy ending to your story. Once you wrote your story, you carefully typed it and successfully saved and printed your story in the computer lab.

5.  The time and effort you put into your project and the overall look and appearance of your artwork.