Evaluation Sheet for the

Radial Name Design

(10 points each)

1.  You first found the center of your 12x12” paper. You then drew 6 wavy lines (as demonstrated in class) on your paper so that each line went through the center of your paper – the end resulted in a pinwheel design on your paper. You then drew 6-7 concentric circles, the first one starting in the center of your paper.

2.  Once the wavy lines and circles were drawn, you erased the circle lines in between 6 of the wavy line spaces (as demonstrated in class). You then wrote 4 words describing yourself and your first and last name in these six spaces (one word per space). You used bubble or block letters. You began the words and the center of the paper and your letters enlarged as they approached the edge of your paper – your letters fit the wavy space from top to bottom.

3.  You then neatly colored your design using markers. Your words were colored in warm colors (reds, oranges, and yellows) and the background or circle lines were colored in cool colors (blues, greens, and blue-violets). You colored so that no white space was left showing.

4.  The time and effort you put into your project and the overall look and appearance of your artwork.