Evaluation Sheet for the

Positive/Negative Bugs

(10 points each)

1.  First you decided on one shape to use (either geometric or organic). Then you decided on a bug to draw (you first made a rough draft of your “bug” ideas).

2.  You then took your bug and traced it several times on your given piece of paper – you used the entire space provided and you traced your bug so it looked like it was “moving” around your paper (the bug was traced in several different directions and positions). You then neatly traced your shape several times, overlapping several of the bugs and also overlapping itself. Your shape too, was traced in several different directions and positions.

3.  After the bugs and shapes were traced neatly, you used black marker to color the bugs neatly, and correctly as demonstrated in class, paying close attention to the positive and negatives spaces.

4.  Using colored pencil and choosing only one color, you colored your shapes. You colored the background using colored pencil. You chose colors that were interesting and worked well together. You colored correctly and neatly. (You may have chosen to create a pattern or design in your background.)

5.  The overall look and craftsmanship of your artwork. The time and effort you put into the project and was your time used wisely.