Evaluation Sheet for the

Pop Art Faces

(20 points each)

1.  We first took a picture of you (portrait) with a digital camera in the solarized mode (this helps break down the photo so we can see the lights and darks easier). Your photo was repeated eight times (to look like one of Andy Warhol's paintings – ex. One Hundred Cans. You then painted each of those pictures a different color scheme, using the example on the board as a template. (1. complimentary, 2. tint, 3. shade, 4. analogous, 5. monochromatic, 6. warm, 7. cool, and 8. your choice). You took your time while painting and you painted very carefully and neatly – you paid extra special attention to include and paint all the dark and light shapes you saw – painting the light spots with the light colored paint and the dark spots with dark colored paint.

2.  After the 8 pictures were completed we printed out one single large picture of you and you traced all the shapes ( the light and dark areas) that made up your face in black marker. After that was completed you taped off a piece of white paper (on the edges to give it a framed look when we are done). You then traced your face on the white piece of paper with a pencil – you used a light box to do this and you traced all the black lines you had just made on the photo copy of you face.

3.  After you neatly finished tracing your face on the good piece of white paper, you labeled all the values on your face using a number scale (#1's being the lightest). You then chose one of the 8 color schemes and painted your face using that color choice. You made sure to paint very neatly and carefully, you used and mixed the light paints in the light values on your face and used and mixed properly the dark paints on the dark values of your face.

4.  The overall look and craftsmanship of your final painting.