Evaluation sheet for the

Pointillism Painting
10 points each

  1. You first decided on an animal that would be found in the rain forest or jungle to draw. You then drew a rough draft of you animal, including a jungle or rain forest background. You used the entire space of paper provided. Once you were satisfied with your rough draft, you traced it with a black marker. You then placed your good white paper over your rough draft, and traced your animal with a pencil.

  2. Once your final drawing was complete, you carefully and neatly painted your picture with watercolors using Q-tips to dot or “color.” You created or “mixed” colors by placing dots of color next to each other (example: if you wanted a green leaf you placed blue and yellow dots next to each other). Your entire paper was painted using the pointillism technique, with very little or no white space left showing.

  3. When your painting was dry, you neatly outlined your picture using a black marker.

  4. The time and effort you put into your artwork and the overall look and appearance of your artwork.