Evaluation Sheet for the

Poem Art

(10 points each)

1.  You completed the poem worksheet creating your own poem based on Shel Silverstein's Mr. Spats and Mr. Smeds. You then neatly transferred your poem onto a 12x18” white paper (vertical facing). You created lines on your paper to use as guides for your words using a ruler width. The letters in your words were written in all capital letters. The letters also touched top to bottom of the guidelines and most letters touched one another inside each word. Once your poem was completed, you traced it in black Sharpy marker. (The guidelines may be erased once your poem was traced in black maker)

2.  After your poem was completed, you drew two pictures relating to the two nouns in your poem. Your images were drawn large over your entire poem. You also traced the two drawings in black Sharpy marker.

3. You colored your artwork, dark, with colored pencils. You used warm and cool colors. Either your images could have been all warm colors and the background cool colors or vice versa. When you colored, you changed colors when you came to a new space or shape, staying within the color theme however. Everything was colored in your artwork, leaving no white space.

4. The overall look and appearance of the artwork and the time and effort you put into your work.