Evaluation Sheet for the

Picasso Face Drawing

(10 points each)

1.  You first drew a large oval on your piece of paper (paper positioned vertically), making sure you used most of the space on the paper provided (this is your front view of the face). You then “split” the oval in half by drawing a profile or side view of a face. You then drew a neck/shoulders and a shirt.

2.  You drew two eyes, a mouth, a nose, cheeks, and hair (these did not have to be the same on both faces – ex. You could have half of a smile on one face and a frown on the other). You then drew non-objective shapes and designs on the shirt and background.

3.  After you were done drawing, you colored in your picture with oil pastels – using them properly so they looked like paint not a crayon. You also mixed colors and took time and consideration when coloring and choosing colors. You chose colors that were not based on reality.

4.  The overall look of your picture: Your finished artwork looks like a “Picasso face,” there are no words in your design, the picture looks like you painted it and not colored it with crayons. Your artwork was done neatly and thoughtfully in a timely manner.