Evaluation Sheet for the

Perspective Houses – Computer Art

(5 points each)

1.  On the computer, using the Open Office Drawing program, you drew a horizon line, vanishing point, and a house (in perspective/3D). You then drew 3 alike objects, one large in the foreground, one medium sized in the middle ground, and on small in the background. You had to use at least once in your artwork the following tools; line, shapes, free draw, and symbol. Your house and background were drawn neatly and carefully, including many details.

2.  Before you printed your artwork, you thickened all of the lines in your drawing and to made sure your objects were “painted” white or transparent.

3.  You neatly colored your art using crayons or colored pencils making sure there was little or no white space. You could have chosen to make your drawing more interesting by coloring unique patterns in the objects of your work.

4.  The time and effort you put into your project and the overall look and appearance of your artwork.