Evaluation Sheet for the
Perspective Cities (One-Point Perspective)
(10 points each)

1.  You drew a horizon line across your paper (the line could be in the center or towards the top or bottom). You drew a vanishing point on your horizon line. You drew two lines coming out from the vanishing pointing going towards the bottom corners of your paper (these lines form your road). You then drew two more lines coming out from the vanishing point pointing towards the bottom corners to create your sidewalk.

2.  You then drew buildings of your city on both sides of your road. You created buildings that were a variety of heights – you drew the buildings in correct perspective – showing the tops of the buildings if they were below the horizon line, etc.

3.  You added a variety of different details to your city, such as cars, people, lights, street signs, store signs, trees, fire hydrants, etc. The more detail the better your grade!

4.  You then colored your city drawing using colored pencil. You tried to a variety of values and also tried to blend some of your colors to make your drawing more visually appealing.

5.  The time and effort you put into your project and the overall look and appearance of your artwork.