Evaluation Sheet for the

“Monster” Self-Portrait

(8 points each)

1. You first folded your paper in half lengthwise/vertical. Then you thought of what you would look like if you were a monster! You then drew your "Monster face" on only half of the paper.

2. On the other half of the paper you carefully drew a self-portrait (half of your face) as best as you could. You paid close attention to the location and all the fine details of the facial features. (Your eyes were about halfway down your face, the top of your ears were directly across from your eyes.) You also included your hair, nose, and an expressive mouth.

3. You then added your neck and shoulders, drawing in correct proportion and scale. You then drew a shirt, adding great detail on both sides and also kept within the theme of each side (realistic or Monster).

4. You drew a background behind both sides of you, still keeping with the theme of each face (you drew objects representing the "monster side of you” or Halloween, and behind the "real" you, you drew your likes, hobbies, sports, etc.) You neatly colored your picture using your choice of colored pencils, markers, and/or crayons. You left little or no white space.

5. You used your time wisely and completed the project in a timely manner. The overall look and appearance of the artwork and the effort you put into your work.