Evaluation Sheet for the
Mexican Thanks Drawing
(10 points each)

  1. You first thought of several things you are thankful for (ex. new baby sister, vacation from this past summer, weekends, a birthday present etc.) You then put what you were thankful for (at least five things) into a picture form. You drew your 5 items you were thankful for first onto a rough draft piece of paper thinking about your design composition and using the entire space of paper provided.

  2. Once you were satisfied with your composition of your five items, you drew them neatly onto your good final paper (12x18). You created a interesting and unique background using a variety of shapes and lines. After you were done drawing you carefully and neatly wrote at least five sentences (about the 5 things you were thankful for). The sentences were complete sentences and were interestingly incorporated into your drawing.

  3. You colored your picture with colored pencils. When you use the colored pencils, you colored neatly and carefully so that the “pencil streaks” did not show and no white space was left showing through. You may have used markers thoughtfully to emphasize and outline your objects. Your sentences were trace in either pend or marker.

  4. The overall look and appearance of your artwork and the time and effort you put into your artwork.