Henri Matisse Fish Bowls

(7 points each)


1.     You first took several different colored crayons and a 12x18” piece of white paper and did several texture rubbings in the classroom and around the school.


2.     You drew and created a table out of construction paper with the teacher as demonstrated in class. You neatly cut out your table and pasted it onto the lower half of your paper.


3.     You painted an entire piece of 9x12” white paper with blue watercolor paint – a wash. While the paper was still wet you carefully sprinkled salt over the entire surface (this created an interesting affect with the paint and another texture!). Once your paper was dry, you drew a fish bowl shape using the entire paper provided, neatly cut it out, and glued it on your table. 


4.     You then drew and cut out several different types of leaves and vines from green construction paper. You outlined the leaves and vines with green marker, then neatly cut them out and pasted them in and around your fish bowl.


5.     You carefully drew at least three fish on gold foil paper, cut them out, and glued them onto your fish bowl in a balanced design.


6.     The overall look and appearance of your artwork and the time and effort you put into your art project.