Evaluation Sheet for the

Magazine Grid Portrait

(25 points each)

1.  You first chose a real person's face to draw out of a magazine. When you were deciding on a picture, you made sure to find a large photo and also a picture that showed the entire face of a person. You face should included much detail, expression, and values.

2.  After your picture was found you drew an even square grid (small, matching the size of the photo) over your magazine photograph. You then drew, in pencil, a larger grid onto your good 12x18 piece of paper. When you drew your face, you broke it down into the grid squares, drawing one square at a time! Each square on your photograph should have matched up exactly with each larger square on your drawing. You saved your magazine photograph so that we could compare the photo to your drawing.

3.   When your drawing was completed you “colored” the face and the background by cutting out colored sections from magazines and gluing them onto your grid drawing. You did this process one square at a time, remembering all the different details and values.

4.  The overall look and appearance of the artwork and the time and effort you put into your work.