Evaluation Sheet for the
Jungle Painting
(10 points each)

  1. You first thought of an animal that could be found in the jungle. You drew a rough draft of the animal including the background (the background included many bushes and trees that could be found in the jungle). After you were satisfied with your rough draft you neatly drew your animal and background onto your final paper (12x18). You made sure to use the entire space of paper provided.

  1. You painted your animal and background using bright “tropical” colors. You made sure to paint very neatly and thoughtfully, leaving no white space. The edges of the objects you painted were neat crisp edges.

  1. When your picture was completely painted you made a “frame” by decorating the construction paper with cut out leaves, branches, grass, or flowers. These items were first neatly drawn onto construction paper then thoughtfully cut out. You carefully placed and glued your leaves, grass, etc. around your jungle painting.

  1. The overall look and appearance of this project and the time and effort you put into your artwork.