Evaluation Sheet for the

Jazz Collage

(10 points each)

1.     We first looked at Romare Bearden’s brightly colored collages. You then drew 5 large musical instruments onto your white 12x18” white paper. Your instruments were drawn so that they were balanced and asymmetrical (instruments were turned and facing many different directions). You then drew a non-objective background using geometric and organic shapes

2.     You neatly colored your background and instruments in with colored pencils, crayons, and/or markers. You left very little or no white space.

3.     You folded a 12x18” colored piece of construction paper into thirds and drew 3 more instruments in each section. You then cut out the instruments and carefully outlined and/or colored them in with marker. You neatly pasted the 3 instruments onto your drawing, overlapping some of the drawn instruments. Your paper instruments were also placed so that they were turned and facing many different directions.

4.     You drew 5 more instruments onto newspaper. You carefully cut these out and pasted these onto your paper; overlapping some other instruments and placing them so that they too faced many different directions.

5.     The overall look and appearance of your artwork and the time and effort you put into your artwork.