Evaluation Sheet for the
Greek Mosaics

(10 points each)

  1. You first decided on a animal to draw and drew a rough draft of it. (Preferably just the face or head of the animal) After you were satisfied with your rough draft, you neatly drew it on a 9x12” black piece of paper, using the entire space of paper provided. (paper was positioned vertically)

  2. You cut small squares of different colored paper (“tiles”). You decided on the colors of your animal (the colors did not have to be realistic) and then you neatly glued the “tiles” to the black paper creating an animal mosaic. When the tiles were placed on, they were slightly separated leaving a very small amount of black paper showing in between the tiles. The background too was covered with an interesting and colorful design of tiles.

  3. After your mosaic was neatly completed, you created a Greek temple frame. You pasted your mosaic onto the center of your temple. You either chose Ionic, Doric, or Corinthian style columns for your design. In the center of the roof of the temple you drew a circle; in that circle you drew a symbol representing your animal (ex. if your animal was a cat your symbol could be a fish or paw print). Your temple was then neatly colored.

  4. The overall look and appearance of your artwork and the time and effort you put into your artwork.