“Cool” Art Tools

(8 points each)


1.     You first learned what Cool Colors and Warm Colors are. You then chose one art “tool” or utensil (example; scissors, glue, ruler). After your tool was chosen, you neatly traced the outside of it on a 9x12 white piece of paper. You traced your tool several more times, making sure you were overlapping some of your tracings. You carefully filled the entire 9x12 paper with your art tool tracings.


2.     After you traced your art tool, you carefully outlined your pencil tracings with “cool color” markers.


3.     You then took cool colored watercolor paints and painted neatly inside your art tool tracings.


4.     Once all your tools were painted, you then took one warm color watercolor paint and painted the background of your picture, making sure to leave to white spaces.


5.     The overall look and appearance of your artwork and the time and effort you put into your art project.