Evaluation Sheet for the
Color Wheel
(6 points each)

  1. You created a unique and interesting design/object (one that tapered at one end). You used the design worksheet to do this. Your chosen design on the worksheet was then outlined in black or a dark colored marker.

  2. You neatly traced and cut out a circle from white paper (using a pizza round as a stencil). You correctly found the center of the paper and marked the 12 correct points where you needed to position your design at (the points looked were in the same place as numbers on a clock would be).

  3. Your design was neatly and properly traced in pencil at the appropriate spots on your wheel (the tapered end pointed towards the center). In the center of your color wheel you drew another, different, object/design, that somehow related to your original design.

  4. Once your color wheel design was drawn, you lightly labeled the colors of the color wheel in the correct areas on your project. You then correctly mixed paints, only using the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – to create all the colors of your color wheel. You painted neatly and carefully. You then painted the center picture in ANY colors of your choice.

  5. The overall look and appearance of your artwork. The time and effort you put into your artwork.