The Edible Color Wheel

First Day of Class!

Edible Color Wheel

·        Students will be divided up into pairs.

·        Teacher will explain and write on board what the primary, secondary, and intermediate colors are and write on the board how to make each color.

·        Each group will be given an Edible Color Wheel worksheet, 3 containers of frosting (the primary colors – red, blue, and yellow), paper towel, 12 pieces of graham cracker, and 3-6 popsicle sticks for mixing and spreading. 

·        Students will correctly mix each color on the color wheel using just the primary “frosting” colors.  Students will frost each graham cracker and place them on the coordinating spot on their color wheel worksheet (frosting and placing the primary colors down first, works best).

·        Once the students’ color wheels have been inspected by the teacher, students may eat their artwork!