8th Grade Artist Poster


8th Grade Artist Poster

In your research you need to find the following:

  1. artist's full name

  2. dates he/she lived

  3. world events

  4. family

  5. style of artwork

  6. sizes of artwork

  7. medium of artwork (oil paint, marble, watercolor, etc.)

  8. example of artwork

  9. your favorite artwork that the artist did and why

  10. how this artist's artworks make you feel

  11. why the artist created his/her artwork

  12. who or why you were inspired to choose this artist

  13. country where the artist was born

  14. country where the artist created most of his/her artwork

  15. the subjects of the artist's work

  16. colors used in the artwork

  17. was the artist famous or well know during his/her lifetime or after

  18. any other unique/interesting qualities or facts about the artist
8th Grade Artist Poster

In your poster you must include:

  • The artist's name (first and last)

  • A picture of your artist

  • A picture of your artist's artwork

  • Your own individual artwork in the same style as your artist

  • Your biography you wrote (in your own words!) using your notes you took

  • Decoration to enhance the look of your poster

***(If you find a self-portrait the artist did of him/herself you can use that one picture as the ex. of the artist and the ex. of the artist's artwork)